Local Classes Taught By Local Women

If you want to experience Tuscany as a local visit us.

Our classes immerse you into the local culture where you will experience a culinary "occasion" like no other.

Cooking experiences change daily and with each meal.


If you're looking for professional chefs, you won't find them here.

Our classes are taught by the local Tuscan women.  

Don't look for electric appliances...there are no food processors...everything is done by hand.  Our cooking school in Tuscany is like no other…there are no fancy blenders or chefs in tall hats.  The kitchen is busy with wooden spoons and women who look and act like a distant family member.  

Each women teaches and entertains differently, each is unforgettable.  


We also offer day classes.   If you only have one day to spend with us we would be happy to host you and your group for a 1-day experience. Day classes are $250 per person.