What others are saying

Janina B:  Best thing I ever did

Nancy C:  Loved it had the best time

Michael V:  Fun from start to end

Patrick W:  We didn’t want to leave

Diane F:  Going back and next time I’m bringing my mom

Barb J:  Best girls trip ever! We want to go again and again!

Judy D:  Loved our time there.  It is truly under the Tuscan sun

Karen L:  I have wanted to go on this trip forever. 

Paul I:  A friend went and never stopped talking about it  

Patti R:  And then there is my favorite movie “Under The Tuscan Sun!”

Carole D:  I would sell my first born for this…OK, maybe not, but it is on my bucket list now!

Wanda L:  Looking at your program…did you peek at my bucket list, or something?

Virginia T:  An experience of a life time.

Carol E:  I would go back in a heartbeat!

Mike G:  This was my kind of vacation, great wine and great food.

Ann B:  This trip opened my eyes to a whole new way to travel.  I’m going back soon.

Ryan V:  I thought this would be a “girls” trip, but I had more fun than my wife

Ronald K:  Fabulous hosts and a fabulous time.

Liz S:  Loved it.  5-star luxury, old time cooking, great wine and food

Fran K:  Linda and George are fantastic hosts…totally stress free…amazing trip