Cooking with CBS

National Garlic Day

Cooking with Fox

Summer Crostini

a quiet town in tuscany

You just can't imagine how beautiful it is here.

Modern Living with kathy ireland

We were recommended by Kathy Ireland...see our interview.

nighttime in montefollonico

The narrow cobblestone streets haven't changed since 1029 AD.

fountain and gardens

We can't describe it have to come see for yourself.


Linda knows how to have matter where she is.


You can see that George is actually more of a "trouble maker" than a host!

Val d'Orcia - Siena - Tuscany

We ride through here in the afternoons...just beautiful.

Good Morning Washington

George and Linda making panini.

Wavy green fields of tuscany

The view never gets old. 

Great Scenery in Tuscany

We visit here every week.